Thursday, August 27, 2009

Honda City

it bought by dad my since i was standard 4.. gold in color n its a new series for tat time.. =D
kinda love it until now. i bring it into a such serious situation.

its gone.. for a month i guess..
driving my love car frm kl to sunway.. n suddenly the car infront emergency break. right infront of me.. wat i have done is.. press my break until the end. BUT.. my car was jz sprint infront n "Bang"!!

ntg much i can say.. its was my fault. n who ask me to drive to kl leh? nobody.. my fault..
around 7 hours ago bah.. when i was in accident..

n thanks for all around those who show their concern to me.. =') felt thankful..
expecially my eldest sis. i know, i bad n kinda junky. but u stil.. helped me alot.. really really thanks.n somethg i wouldn't tell u is.. i love u.. very much..

ba ma.. this kind of english stuff u both wun read bah. but sorry for made u both so worried.
u both feed me until 19. but then im stil so stubborn.. haih.. i shouldn't have drive so far away...
really.. its my apology...

jay n jye.. after accident.. u guys were the best support liao.. n the "wow" support frm pj was zheng... hundreds thanksssss to all u guys. =D
sorry if i made u guys got scolded by parents later. i didn't predict such incident.. zzz

n honey.. tq for accompany me get thru the p.s hard time.. so long i wait..
n u was the one i call right after i call my family members.. tq for ur "an wei"..
u chilled me down the most on tat time..

tat pic up there made me so upset... ='(
bukan main sedih.. haishh......

n one thg to remind... PLEASE... drive slow when its raining..
another thg is.. PLEASE... wear ur seatbelt.. abo u may die. in just "ONE" blink of an eye..
goodnites.. haish...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Spins Salon

Yea... whee... sixth blogs..

finally im in training session dy yesh~~~

1st day i went there.. i did a rebonding for a pretty =DD heard tat she was jz graduated frm hotel management course.. hmm hmm.. n she was jz around 20.. aiyo.. the unlucky thg is.. she got a bf

ntg special on 1st day.. n we supposed to b leave at 8.30pm.. but... we went bk home at 7pm.. coz there is no one there in salon.. wahaha.. relak, im not a lzy person. =)

2nd day i went there.. damn stressed tat day... u know wat? i nid to cut a BOTAK using SCISSORS but not CLIPPER.. god damn it = =

u duno how hard is it.. coz u are not me.. did u saw ppl cut botak using scissors? no eyh?
the manager inside da salon.. asking trouble frm me = = bo song lols

anyway.. i have done tat stupid botak in the end.. although got some slighty mistakes.. wahaha.
frm now on.. i know how to handle botak dy whee~~

waiting for the 3rd day coming.. hahas.. hope tat there is no one asking trouble frm me whee~~ peace ^__^V

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Snips Academy...

The Fifth Blogs


im goin to stay in there one more month?! huh? =O
yeah yeah.. my instructor told me bout tat.. wat am i goin to tell my parents? =_=
not only me.. but all of us in my class.. so dun misund tat im bein lazy n tats y im staying there for so long... haish..... tot tat im goin graduate.. lame man..

the reason y we are all goin to stay there for one more month is.. our skill.. are SUX enuf to serve our lovely customer.. za dou mou? im totally za dou... speechless.. one more month.. lepak there n server their customer for FREE.. is tat a setup? im stil looking for a better excuse =x

anyway.. im goin bk to my lovely hometown 2moro.. n celebrate my lovely Grandpa's Birthday..

whee whee~ think of change my hair color once again.. but duno my hair can afford another damage again anot.. sigh~ jz simply write some lame shits here to destress hahahahaha.. i know its not funny..

n someone i wana Warn here.. Tan Soo Liang.. dun come my chat box n spam me those lame shits again.. seriuosly.. leave me some nice comments or watever la... dun keep force me to update my blog! IM NOT A WORDS MACHINE!!

c ya all again next time.. Ciao ~

Sunday, April 12, 2009


4th blog.

Nails. we all have. squares nails. we Both have. mayb its a kind of fate. i have cut my nails into square shape. n i met someone did have the same shape nails as i do.

but. i cut it all. jz now. to b less like her. more like me. i dun like long nails anyway. looks gay.
without nails. im stil missing her. its not a kind of easy stuff to let her go.

i felt it. she loves me too. its a funny thinkin of myself.. mayb she does not even like me. who knows. i will keep trying. until u are belong to me. i dun mind. if i have to wait until another year. another valentine's day. jz pls. let me love you. dun ignore my loves. to you.

nails nails nails. 5 square nails i have. 1 big stupid brain i got. all of these. keep remind me of u.

Honey Lee Sher-Maine.
i will wait. until another year. until u are welcoming me into ur life.

here, i promise myself. i will keep waiting for u.
god bless me. although im not a follower of Him.

The End.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Road With Tears

3rd times.

n this might have killed me..
im born to b a sinner. sins full filled my life. sins that i have lied. its a punishment to me. could someone pls let me die? no jokes. dun try to fooling around with me now.

i tot tat 2day mayb will b a good day for us. david's showcase, we're goin. unlucky the counter have closed. its ok. my main mission are not that stupid david anyway. yeah, u know wat i means. its someone make me happy all the day. although all those bad thgs keep happen on us.

went bk pramid to have our dinner.. she ate so much.. actually im jz trying to let her eat more a bit.
im not tat full, jz wana let her to try my foods. cheese baked rice ain't tat good anyway.. i made her eat alot 2day. kinda happy.

then we have planned to go Summit to watch a movie. Ai Yee felling not well, so.. she went bk earlier a bit.. jz left two of us goin to watch movie.. wat a good thg for me! at least i have my 1st movie watching exp frm her. i keep trying to catch het attention. to have my chance to say the rite thgs. on the rite time. but she.. stil concentrating on tat movie. i dun mind. its a kind of amazing thg tat i can sit beside her. lies on her shoulder. n enjoy the moment.
since tat i have choose to lied her. i thinks i dun hav the chance anymore. thank god for tat.

after we have finished the movie. its the most most. frightening incident are happening!
my car been stolen!! we've try to look for my car frm b1 to b3. b3 to b1. over n over again
she was afraid. so did i. but i've to calmed her down. there is no big deal with my car been stolen.
the most important is.. she is rite by my side. safety.

finally. we hav choose to ask for help for those security over there. they keep looking for our car.
me too. i keep running frm parkings to another parking. look n look n look for my god damn car.
come out pls. so tat she wun blamed herself n feel guilty for tat stupid car.
i tried to calmed her in the security office. n i go n look for myself.
i walk bk to the beggining of the car park. n start runnin. until i reached b2. i've found tat stupid car. hell yeah.. she will b alrite later. or Mayb.. i'll have the chance to get her later. my mind was empty when i saw my car.
the 1st i have to drive bk to b1 to pick her up. she saw my car. a angel smiling face. i cant deny.
she is my Angel. Angel.

dun blame urself. bad memories are not ur fault. wat i told her when she 1st step into my losing car. crying?! dun scare me. i saw she hiding her face in her palms. i was totally heartbroke. n i feels like wan cry too le. on tat time. dun let me saw ur tears. i would have killing myself. if i made u cry infront of me. im a moron! i cant even give her confidence. i cant even comfort her in the 1st time! wat m i doin! cares for the losing car? i dun! if the car are really stole by others, i will tell my dad the other story. i 4got to lock the car. its not ur fault. its all my fault anyway. i shud have take good care of u.. n shud have remember wher my car parking at.. myself.

Im totally sorry. its not ur fault.. i mean it. its the stupid Di made bad exp for u.
the last thing i have to do is. fetch my angel.. bk to her home sweet home.
i shud assemble all my guts. into one. to say I Love You. on tat time. although its a wrong timing.
but.. in the end. i have failed myself. im an idiot.

i got myself suffering when saw u walk bk to ur home. but i nvr told u tat i love u.

msg her. about my feelings.

its a winding road. road with tears. tears blinded my vision. i duno how fast im driving the car. i jz know tat i get my self home in 15mins. n i potong a lot of cars. i cant even see. wat kind of tat cars is. tears blinding my vision.

who cares bout me? its only a jokes for someone. wow. Kit u wrote somethg funny.
wow. Kit u wrote somethg meaningless.
i dun care. i said. i dun care! its my blog! i dun give a shit for wat are u trying to tell me! I DON'T FKIN CARE!

Tears dried. Heart died. Blog ended.

Monday, March 30, 2009

David Archuletta

WOOOOOOT~ David Archuletta, the singer tat "we" both like are comin to Malaysia this april on 11st!!

what a good news, n i asked her to come with me =D finally she promised... ahahahaha, i make it!!
i get myself a another chance i guess ~~ yesh... mayb the god heard my prays although im not a follower of HIM..

and a thg i wana tell u guys.. my family are goin to Thailand april 10-14.. = =
they leave me alone... so.. i'm Home Alone~ whee~ hmm... who wana join me to c the david archuletta's concert, contact me =) if not my transport will b full soon~ coz im nid to fetch my "Honey Princess".. hope u guys.. dun jealous bah xD

okay.. 2nd blog got bit short n i guess its meaningless for those who duno me n my stories..
mayb marcus will b one of them xD.. coz i nvr told u my story between me n honey, rite? aha..

P/S: David Archuletta small music consert in April on 11st, in Sunway Amphitheatre...
U can get the consert tickets thru purchase his cd on 2nd in april and b4 his consert...

okay.. ciao~ For information, pls call Mr. Jack.. "XIE XIE" =D

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Astro's Audition

Hmm.. 1st time, and i was bloggin in the middle of the nite = 0.. serious matters? nope, aha.. just some craps and u shud not have look at my blog xD..

Audition.. for those who loves to sing.. me? yeah =) i did love to sing.... infront of frenz.. but not infront of a bunch of judges and cameras.. Alao... GOD damn stressed okay? u have to performs n give them ur best shot EVER!!! if not? all ur effort u've paid, such as queue, registration, briefing and 'mat mat mat' (means somethg like tat la), wil b all gone.. without noticed by anyone around = ="

yeah, im one of them. get booted while im jz in da 1st round.. STUNNED infront of da cameras, n i did performed a lousy song for them i guess T_T.. dun mind, this was jz my 1st time =) i stil have 6 years i think, to take part in this quest..

somethg out frm this topic.. "Aec" u know? a channel frm Astro.. i duno wat programme are they tryin to record for.. i jz quite sure they are frm "aec".. they said wat u know? u wan to know?
lolz... "Are u tryin to copy "Khalik" 2day?"... wat a good question.. I'm Jack Yeo? i guess myself are just "okay" dy, dun nid to copy my out loook frm other =) this is jz wat i tot.. aha.. =DD
next time, i share ya all the "khalik" looks photos coz its in my frenz phone.. wait for it..

Anyway. this year.. the standard of this competition are quite high i guess.. coz i was sitting somewhere to watch those participants go in for their precious audition.. frm 100 until me.. there is ONE of us get into da second round.. WOW.. how hard is it? o mayb the rest of us are really lousy, haha.. lolz. anyway, im jz nervous n panic & cant concentrate to wat im singin.. tats y i get booted.. if not? muahaha, the "honda city" would b mine for sure xD if only if i get myself enjoy infront of those cameras la = =... damnit!

lousy blog ya. shares ya all my stories.. n pls dun LAUGH at me when im on TV talking somethg STUPID.. = =
its jz wat im doin while i cant concentrate.. If i saw u guys laugh at me, settle inside of the world of DOTA!! i shall show u my talents besides singin!!