Thursday, August 27, 2009

Honda City

it bought by dad my since i was standard 4.. gold in color n its a new series for tat time.. =D
kinda love it until now. i bring it into a such serious situation.

its gone.. for a month i guess..
driving my love car frm kl to sunway.. n suddenly the car infront emergency break. right infront of me.. wat i have done is.. press my break until the end. BUT.. my car was jz sprint infront n "Bang"!!

ntg much i can say.. its was my fault. n who ask me to drive to kl leh? nobody.. my fault..
around 7 hours ago bah.. when i was in accident..

n thanks for all around those who show their concern to me.. =') felt thankful..
expecially my eldest sis. i know, i bad n kinda junky. but u stil.. helped me alot.. really really thanks.n somethg i wouldn't tell u is.. i love u.. very much..

ba ma.. this kind of english stuff u both wun read bah. but sorry for made u both so worried.
u both feed me until 19. but then im stil so stubborn.. haih.. i shouldn't have drive so far away...
really.. its my apology...

jay n jye.. after accident.. u guys were the best support liao.. n the "wow" support frm pj was zheng... hundreds thanksssss to all u guys. =D
sorry if i made u guys got scolded by parents later. i didn't predict such incident.. zzz

n honey.. tq for accompany me get thru the p.s hard time.. so long i wait..
n u was the one i call right after i call my family members.. tq for ur "an wei"..
u chilled me down the most on tat time..

tat pic up there made me so upset... ='(
bukan main sedih.. haishh......

n one thg to remind... PLEASE... drive slow when its raining..
another thg is.. PLEASE... wear ur seatbelt.. abo u may die. in just "ONE" blink of an eye..
goodnites.. haish...

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